Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feeling Jonasy

you will have to forgive me. i am posting twice in one day. how annoying, right??

anyways, this recollection takes place on july 29, 2009. jonas brothers concert : KCMO.

my sister and i decided to leave at 4.30 in the morning and drive to KC with an arrival time of approvimately 8am. our intention was to wait outside the sprint center until the jobros showed up...however long it took.

so we did it, and upon our arrival we met 2 new friends. sarah and cydney arrived at 7am and quickly befriended us. so as we waited, more and more fans began to arrive. we staked our claims on the prime spots for optimal jonas viewing. their tour bus arrived around 11 and we freaked out!! it was a much needed break. we crossed the street to sign it. finally, around 2 they set up rails to keep us from rushing. the guys didn't get there until 3.30!! but it was so worth the 7+ hour wait. we never saw joe get out of the van but kev and nick did as well as big rob. they both waved. nick came out a 2nd time and waved at us all again!! it was h.e.a.v.e.n.

then we went with our new friends to a pizza place and all ordered the jonas brothers special. we met back up with them before the concert in line. i snuck my nikon in with my mom's zoom lense and got some great pictures!! it was so much fun (:

Too Much Fun?

it's official. i have been having entirely too much fun as of late.

2nd jonas brothers concert of the summer. family vacay to gulf shores + new orleans. trip to st. louis. trip to la la land.

and i will share more details and pictures when i have more time.