Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiking + Photography

so the last few days haven't gone exactly how i planned...mostly because of (actually entirely due to) the rain that hardly ceased during the 2 day period.

pumpkin patch. didn't happen.
rock climbing. nada.

however, i did take a hike with my puppy, Kingston, yesterday. we walked around in the woods behind my home. we shared an apple, we enjoyed nature, and i took pictures. it was great!

sweet baby Kingston.



beautiful fall leaves.


green vines.


ground cover.

absence of color amidst fall beauty.




Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Week

this week is looking like it is going to be pretty fun and i am very happy!

tomorrow, i am going to the pumpkin patch with courtney + fam. i am very much in the mood for fall festivities. and i am really excited to take some sweet seasonal pics with my nikon d60 (which i am in love with). and then hopefully we will carve pumpkins afterwards!! fingers crossed!!

on monday, possibly rock climbing with matt? fingers crossed on this one too!! but seriously, that would be ideal.

right now my head sleep is required. but i will keep you updated on the outcome of the aforementioned events!

this is simply because i have an undying love for starbucks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Starbucks LOVE

went up to starbucks today. i was that annoying girl taking pictures. it was GREAT!

oh...and i had a delicious pumpkin spice latte (:

this is Brandon.
at first, he hid his face behind the large mocha mug.

seriously, no smile! (:

so freaking stubborn.

doing the stabucks thing.

he is only looking in this picture because it was candid...and it is obvious he LOVED me taking all the pics (:

love love love coffee!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bruise + Wedding

i have failed to blog about previous vacations and my beautiful trip to LA back in august. maybe someday. for now i am very content with the present and mentioning current (natalie) events.

when i went to LA, i did a more than fabulous job at racking up significant credit card debt. i have been making decent $ recently at work and thru various babysitting jobs (thank you everyone who has needed my childcare services recently!) i have paid it down a considerable amount. this fact makes me happy. i am tired of having credit card balances, can't wait to have it paid off, and realize it has been a good lesson learned at a relatively young age.

last wednesday (09.30.2009) i damaged my face. actually i had an accomplice, but he blames me completely. brandon and i were goofing around, playing the "dead weight in your arms" game, if you will. he was carrying me around like that and set me down by a recliner. still thinking we were playing, i slumped over, hitting my face on the wooden reclining mechanism of the chair. it HURT. there was a small cut on my left cheekbone and a neckache to boot. as the days passed, the bruise spread underneath my entire eye. more than a week later (11 days), it is on the verge of complete healing. oh the looks i got (:

day 2.

day 4.

on a very different note, i went to a wedding today. oh how i love weddings. my friend lindsay's sister ashley entered into wedded bliss tonight at 6p. very pretty. black and white themed with pink accents. it was so sweet seeing the love between 2 sisters. linds teared up a lot during her AWESOME maid of honor speech. it was wonderful!

chapel on the creeks.

wedding cake. lovely.

they were nice to each other.

renee, lindsay, me.

table arrangements.