Sunday, March 10, 2013

Music Monday: [Hot Chelle Rae]

I just love music. One of my favorite things to do is go to a live show. Hot Chelle Rae is a band that I discovered a little over a year ago. I love their upbeat music. They know how to put me in a good mood anytime (: This show was the second time I have seen them...both times were in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On 10.03.2012 they performed at the Tulsa State Fair and I got some great shots! Hope you enjoy!

[Nash + Ryan]
[Nash + Ryan]

I only got good shots of Ryan and Nash...Jamie and Ian were not in the spotlight enough and the shots of them turned out blurry unfortunately.

Enjoy this is well...

Friday, March 8, 2013

oh, sweet joy!: Colette Headband Styling Contest!

oh, sweet joy! is a blog I enjoy reading and Kim also just happens to make and sell adorable headbands! WIN WIN WIN! I really want to start wearing more headbands because they are fun, versatile and can really change an outfit and a hairstyle. I ordered 2 of her newest headband...the Colette (which I heard about from another blog...thanks Signeroo!). Kim is hosting a contest to see how people are styling their new headbands for a chance to win a bundle of MORE HEADBANDS! How fun! I would love to win and add some more patterns and fun colors to my collection! After all entries are submitted on March 19th, she will post the entries and readers vote on their favorite look with the Colette. When she posts a link to the voting, I will post it here as well! Please help me win and vote! See how I styled mine below (:

jeans / Gap 1969 dot always skinny skimmer jeans  
[I wish the dots showed up better because 
these pants are precious!]

top / Gap [past season]

necklace / Francesca's

oxfords / Target

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shorts + Tights

I know I'm not a fashion blogger (although I definitely would love to be) but every now and then, I find myself incredibly pleased with an outfit choice. Today was one of those days. I ran a few errands in Fayetteville and threw this outfit together to do so. "Threw this outfit together" might be a bit misleading since I have wanted to try the shorts with tights thing for quite a while. It was definitely premeditated. I almost didn't do it today because it has been so cold in NWA, but I went for it and i'm glad I did (:

[I thought the blurred image was fun]

sweatshirt/Hello Apparel