Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Heart Beats for JM

i'm ready for it NOW!!

so about a week ago, my mother and i bought tickets for John Mayer's Spring Tour! i'm so excited!! we're going to see him in Dallas on my mom's birthday 03.09.2009! so in sheer anticipation of the upcoming extravaganza, i thought i would post a couple images from the last John Mayer concert i attended.

and if you haven't picked up his latest cd..."Battle Studies" is incredible!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Razorback Love

so fun!

and we beat the Gamecocks! eat it South Carolina (:

i went with my dad and brother, Joe. we went down to Fayetteville not having any tickets and keeping our fingers crossed that we could find 3 together! and to our amazement we found 3 on the 23rd row on the 40 yard line. it was wonderful. sister painted up with some friends. they spelled out 'GO HOGS.' we saw her on the jumbo tron and Mom saw her on tv. AND we won, 33-16! and the weather was fabulous...i actually got sunburned (:


U of A. classic.

running out...

bring it gamecocks.


sister made it on the jumbo tron (:

joe, dad, me.

joe making a ridiculous face.

we found Katherine Anne after the game painted up.

me, ka, joe.

dad, ka, joe.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Just Love Halloween.

on halloween, we carved the family pumpkin. i kind of took over Dad's usual position and did the WHOLE thing. i drew the design, carved it, everything. i was afraid Dad would mess up the mouth because the design was kind of intricate.

that's my pumpkin.
jack skellington!

joe skellington.

natalie skellington.

dad skellington.

after that, i went over to Courtney's house to help her decorate cupcakes for blake's birthday party on sunday. it was a lot of fun. we were nervous we were going to mess them up but we didn't. they turned out great!! then we took the children trick or treating and brandon put on his monster mask thing and scared the kiddos. ha ha! good times.


all the kiddos.
skye. gabe. peyton. chandler.

brandon's scary mask.