Sunday, March 8, 2009

"you've wasted every moment of your Saturdays and your Sundays"

I had a wonderful sort of weekend.

Friday started it off great. I got to see my WONDERFUL friend Sarah and we spent several hours outside enjoying the beautiful day, throwing a frisbee, getting some sun, talking to fun people, and transplanting crocuses. All while in the comfort of Old Main lawn. Then my sister came and we enjoyed a movie, making super, cooking a pie, dying shirts, and making a tiny documentary (:

Saturday found me helping a friend decorate her apartment...what a practical use of my major!! We went to Riff Raff and if you haven't been there PLEASE GO!! I am officially in love with the store!! Afterwards, I sat quite alone in my apartment painting and watching FRIENDS. It was near perfection. Went to Froggy's on Saturday night to hear a band and met a fun guy playing guitar on the street corner.

Sunday was my Dad's birthday. The day was beautiful and my dog Daisey was LOVING it!! The fam went and saw Taken, it was AWESOME!! Then I hung out with a fun new friend and he gave me some mellow music to listen to!!

It was a wonderfully unproductive weekend. It was near perfect.

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