Thursday, May 14, 2009

365 Days of Photos

i made a conscious decision the day i graduated to document the next 365 days of my life through photo documentation. i haven't posted any yet, but they have been taken...

this conscious decision was made based on 2 separate reasons
1. i graduated from college thus beginning a huge, new chapter in my life. pictures from this year have the potential to be very intriguing
2. i received a nikon d60 from my loving parents upon graduation...i am very excited to learn all about it

day 01 - 05.09.2009
"graduation from college"
-this was my favorite picture from all the graduation
festivities...the timing was PERFECT, and my
DAD took it. didn't know he had such skills.

day 02 - 05.10.2009
"graduation celebration - chili's"
-went with the family to chili's to celebrate graduation
weekend...testing out the camera as well.

day 03 - 05.11.2009
"coca-cola advertisment - downtown rogers, ar"
-downtown historic rogers, ar has some really
incredible "old timey" attractions. the old coca-cola
advertisement on the side of this building is one of
my favorites.

day 04 - 05.12.2009
"bottle cap bruise - day 4"
-this was the result of an intelligent decision the night
of graduation. after the 4th day it was looking rather
nice. on the eve of graduation, i was informed that
guys sometimes punch bottle caps into each others
arms...sometimes they scar. i wanted to be 'one of
the boys' i guess you could say. after asking A LOT of
guys (and one friend telling me how retarded he
though i was) i found someone to do it. i didn't think
he really would, so the sharp pain in my arm as i was
looking away really surprised me.

day 05 - 05.13.2009
"fabulous flora"
-i've always made fun of my mom for her flower
obsessions, but i finally will admit that they are fun
to photograph.

day 06 - 05.14.2009
"traumatic tattoo experience"
-i got my first tattoo today! "Beloved" because it is
my identity in Christ. i even wrote it myself. it was
rather traumatic, not THAT painful, but i did almost
pass out. i have a tendency to work myself up over
small things.

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