Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I found Jesus on the Hill

oh blogspot. it has been so very long. i was attempting to post a picture every day for the duration of a year (aka 365 days) in an effort to improve the quality and amounts of pictures i take. however, while i have been taking mass amounts of picture, it has come to my attention that posting the pictures every day is a time consuming endeavor. so all the good intentions are ending...NOW... (:

on another subject, the past 3 weeks have been filled to the brim with fun and outdoor adventures. i hope to recap some of the merriment on a later date + pictures.

but for now...i went with kelsey to eureka on monday. it was quite fun. such a strange little town. there was some shopping + lots of picture taking + a picnic + finding Jesus on the hill. we both purchased some funky little earrings that came with a card that read ...

"The Tagua Nut - 'vegetable ivory'

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest grows a special tree, the Tagua or Ivory Palm. It produces an extraordinary fruit, the Tagua nut, which has been used to make buttons, jewelry and carved objects since the 19th century.

Enjoy this Tagua product knowing that its purchase supports the employment of 35,000 native people. The income received from Tagua crops is a strong incentive to maintain the trees. This helps stabilize the Rainforest and, ultimately, World environments."

pretty cool (:

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