Saturday, November 10, 2012


There is so much that has happened since my last post. Call me inconsistent...i'm fine with that. Some photos for catching up...

Spring Break March 2012 -  
Snowboarding trip to Snowmass, Colorado with my sister [Katherine Anne] and her boyfriend [Badr]. We even got to hang out with our Uncle [James], Aunt [Sara] and Cousin [Sally]!

Race for the Cure NWA 2012 - 
I ran in a tutu and was interviewed by KNWA after finishing the race

 Warrior Dash 2012-
SO FUN and exhausting! We made it though. I definitely needed Boone's encouragement. Again...I ran in a tutu (:

I will post these for now but do another catching up post soon. I have entirely too many pictures to post now!

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