Saturday, April 25, 2009

Puppy Love

the past week has been an absolutely, indescribable joy of an ending to a great college experience. so much has happened that contributes greatly to my current state of euphoria, of which i plan to describe in detail later. but for now i want to share only one of the aforementioned delights...

yesterday i had the great pleasure of accompanying my dear friend sarah in her ongoing (and somewhat heart wrenching) quest to find a dog that is not only lovable but hypoallergenic as well, for lance (bf). the day began with a trip to the bella vista animal shelter which proved to be a somewhat sad experience (great dogs but the state of their living condition was sub par). however, this shelter does not euthanize, so that is a positive. sarah put in an application for either of 2 great dogs and i left longing for a new companion.

on to the shelter in fayetteville where we found more GREAT dogs waiting for a new home. we took some pictures, which i would LOVE to share.

sarah looked at this little baby

this is adam, the puppy i fell in love with
(yellow lab, chow chow mix)

DJ, sarah's other little fave

sarah and DJ

adam and i

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