Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"you're so cute when you're slurring your speech..."

I had the pleasure of partaking in a sold out concert at Brady Theater in Tulsa, OK with Randy Green on 04.12.2009. All I can say is "perfection." It was an experience unparalleled. The venue + one of the opening bands (could have done w/o cwk) + the headliner = sheer genius.

The Venue : Brady Theater - if you have never been part of a Brady Theater audience...please treat yourself. The ambiance of the theater was incredible, lots of old features including but not limited to the seating, ceiling design, material palette, etc. And although it was sold out, the smaller venue resonated an intimate feeling.

The Opening Band (again, only 1 of the 2) : Ra Ra Riot - while I have heard of them previously, I had never listened to them before, which I regretted the moment they opened their mouths and a little piece of vocal heaven combined with an array of musical instruments including but not limited to a tambourine, violin, bass, etc. allowed itself to settle in my eardrums. [notice dancing bunnies]

The Headliner : Death Cab for Cutie - I have seen them once before and it was one for the books and this Easter Celebration did not disappoint. Incredible light show, beautiful vocals (thank you Ben Gibbard), mix tape of old and new hits, etc.

Great Company as well...

...a few pictures from the glorious night...

[with Randy at the show]

[Ra Ra Riot w/dancing bunnies]

[light show - DCFC]

[Ben Gibbard - "I'll Follow You into the Dark"]

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