Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thanksgiving: Hot Springs Edition

welcome to my first post of 2010!  actually, my first post in far too long.  i am sitting here in bed, listening to katy perry at the end of a wonderfully boring (yet beautiful) snow day and recognizing my recent blog neglect.

so a large part of my absense is due to the fact that my computer has been awol since sometime around thanksgiving.  unfortunate, i know...but after finally getting around to ordering a new ac adapter and receiving it in the mail yesterday, i once again have a working computer and can set in to a new and more devoted blogging routine (:

yesterday, i transferred all recent photographs from my faithful nikon d60 and discovered many beautiful shots that will do to depict said absense.  please enjoy the latter 2 months of my undocumented (via life...

katherine anne and daddy.  thanksgiving!

I just love this picture.  KA and Uncle James snuck in.

with sister and mom in Hot Springs.

with the fam, Uncle Len, and Papy.

slide.  slide.  slide.

my cousin Sally Ann.


 that's love.

i love her so.


with my aunt and uncle by the HOT spring.

she's the best.

fall's great.

so much love.  brother and sister.

just awkward enough to be wonderful.


4 generations.

i can't help my obsession with bathhouse row.

 i feed it instead.

quite possibly my favorite picture of all time.

thanksgiving pies.

where would we be without shells 'n cheese?


so this post ended up featuring only thanksgiving pictures.  others will shortly follow.  i take a lot of photographs.

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