Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Picture Memories

WOW! It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything. My blog is definitely not feeling the love and for that I am truly sorry. All sorts of things going on since our last visit. Some highlights…

March 2010:

Dad’s/Brandon’s birthday – 03.08

Mom’s birthday – 03.09

Joe’s birthday (little brother) – 03.17 GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!! 17 on the 17th

my birthday! – 03.24 GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!! 24 on the 24th

For Brandon and Mom’s birthday, we went to Dallas to see John Mayer!! It was very fun!! Both of their first time and my 5th…I’m a little obsessed!!!

I also began my first job in my current career path! I started working for Scott&Goble Architects on March 15th. I work on the Walmart Remodel Team currently doing lots of fun Walmart-y things (:

[insert work picture here]

July 2010:

My family heads west for a little vacation. We went to Colorado, both Crested Butte and Telluride, and it was FANTASTIC!! So beautiful! Beautiful mountains, quaint little towns. I would highly recommend planning your next vacation in Telluride, CO (if you are the mountain/nature loving type). Telluride is truly one of a kind. It is an old mining town at the base of the mountains. We stayed at a resort up in the mountains and rode the public gondola down into town every day. That was part of what made it so fantastic. it is a self contained little community. We parked our car at the beginning of the week and didn’t use it again until we pulled out of town. The FREE public gondola takes you right into the center of town and everything is within walking distance. And there’s plenty to do…hiking, mountain bike trails, quaint little shops and restaurants everywhere. Another trip to Telluride, CO is hopefully in my near future!!

One of my oldest friends, Justin Gambill marries Trista Martinez in Harrison, AR. Brando joins me and the fam (:

August 2010:

My dear friend Sarah Davis marries Lance Miller in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brando joins me (:

Beginning of August, I also moved into my first place since graduating college! I have an apartment yay!! And I have an apartment kitty yay! And I ordered a couch that I am expecting mid November!! Can’t WAIT to get my place decorated!!

October 2010:

Decorated my porch for Harvest/Halloween! LOVING this first place stuff!

[insert porch picture here]

And last weekend, my family went to Jonesboro for my Grandfather’s 81st birthday. We took my sister’s boyfriend, Badr, with us and he got to meet a lot of the crazy Jonesboro family. It was a lot of fun!

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